Tactics & Head Training

Tactics 1: (ages 11 and up) REGISTER HERE
This clinic is designed for the new and returning tennis player.  This is also a transition clinic for players graduating from the 10 and under program.  Students will be developing technical skills needed to play on the 78’ court.  This includes stroke production, footwork and ball control skills (rallying with peers).  Students learn the rules of the game.  The goal of this clinic is to inspire students to “love the game” of tennis and prepare them to join the Frog Hollow Team Tennis (green/yellow) program.  

Tactics 2:  (ages 9+) REGISTER HERE
This clinic is for players that are participating in Frog Hollow Team Tennis (green ball), Futures Team Tennis (yellow ball) middle school tennis, and/or participating in USTA District Level 7 and 8 tournaments.  As a result, the focus of the training will be drills and practicing for competition.  Tactics 2 is an intense training program designed by High Performance coaches to increase the level of play, improve player’s consistency, shot selection and footwork.  Students in this clinic are looking to transition into the High Performance Program

Head Training (invitation only • ages 9+) Register Here
This is an invitation only program for tournament players competing in USTA level 7 and 8 tournaments in preparation for Level 6 events.  The Head program is designed for the highly motivated player. Players in this program must train in the Head clinic twice a week, participate in the Frog Hollow match play system, and have participated in 5 weeks of Head Camp training in the summer.

Team Tennis Match Play

All junior players are encouraged to participate in our weekly match play which provides players with singles and/or doubles match experience. Match play offers players the opportunity to put into action what they have learned in clinics and lessons. Match play is a key to player development and enables players to compete against all ability levels.  Frog Hollow offers match play for all levels of players!

Junior Team Tennis (Green Ball): REGISTER HERE
Level: Tactics 1 or 2, or Head training  Level Players
This program is a developmental league designed to gain experience and confidence for players 12 and under.
• Players are placed on a team each session
• Players play singles and/or doubles, rotating each week
• Must be able to serve
• Position 1 uses a yellow ball
• Position 2, 3 and 4 use green balls
• Teams are supervised and organized by a teaching pro (each team has a coach)
• Championship matches at the end of the session
• First and second place team receive medals
• Pizza party during the finals for all players from all teams
• Players will be provided a team tee shirt each session
• Players must be a part of the Frog Hollow junior program to participate in match play

  Futures Team Tennis: REGISTER HERE
 Level: Tactics 2, Junior Varsity and High Performance Level Players (ages 12 & up) 
This program is a developmental league designed to gain experience and confidence. This program prepares the students for USTA and middle/high school competition.