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All junior players are encouraged to participate in our weekly match play which provides players with singles and/or doubles match experience. Match play offers players the opportunity to put into action what they have learned in clinics and lessons. Match play is a key to player development and enables players to compete against all ability levels.  Frog Hollow offers match play for all levels of players!

Level: Red 1 and 2 players
It’s all about fun! Just getting out there and playing aids in the development and the longevity of the young tennis players.

Team Tennis: (Orange Ball) REGISTER HERE
Level:  Orange 1 and 2 
This developmental league allows students to learn while they play. Emphasis is on gaining experience and applying the fundamentals of   match play.

 Green Ball Team Tennis: REGISTER HERE
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: Tactics 1, Tactics 2 and Head Level Players
This program is a developmental league designed to gain experience and confidence for players 12 and under.

Futures Team Tennis: REGISTER HERE 
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Level: Tactics 2, Junior Varsity or High Performance Level Players (ages 12 & up) 
This program is a developmental league designed to gain experience and confidence. This program prepares the students for USTA and    middle/high school competition.

Challenger Team Tennis REGISTER HERE
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Level: This program is for High Performance and K-Swiss High Performance level players.
Come out challenge other players at the club in this developmental/practice match scenario. Stay match tough and prepare yourself for USTA tournaments or high school matches. Players at this level should be playing 5-10 practice sets per week.
• Players will compete against other players from the club to enhance and strengthen their match skills
• Weekly strategies provided for each player
• Players are able to use PlaySight for matches
• Players must be a part of the Frog Hollow junior program to participate in match play