Match Play, Ladders & League Standings 

All junior players are encouraged to participate in our weekly match play which provides players with singles and/or doubles match experience. Match play offers players the opportunity to put into action what they have learned in clinics and lessons. Match play is a key to player development and enables players to compete against all ability levels. Frog Hollow offers match play for all levels of players!  Players may be moved based upon pro evaluation. 

Red Ball Team Tennis REGISTER HERE
Level: Red 1 or Red 2 players
Team Tennis on a Red court! Players will learn the differences between singles and doubles using the USTA Tournament guidelines but in their home facility. We will place the players on teams of three, or find a team of three from your class! The players will rotate weekly between doubles and singles and learn all aspects of playing a match. Come on out and learn to play with your team! Players must be a part of the Frog Hollow junior program to participate in match play.

Team Tennis: (Orange Ball) REGISTER HERE
Level: Orange 1 or Orange 2 players
This is an introduction to the match play program. This developmental program is designed to help players learn basic rules – score keeping, when to switch sides of the court, parts of the court, and when a shot is in or out. Matches are played with orange balls and on a 60 ft. court. Coaches will be on court and are hands on with players helping with where to stand on the court and why, basic tactics, and with rules. Players will be placed on teams and provided a team t-shirt. Scores are kept, however, no team standings. Players must be a part of the Frog Hollow junior program to participate in match play.

Tactics Team Tennis:  REGISTER HERE
Level: Green 
Players will play matches outside on our Hard Tru Courts.  Players will traverse the weather, sun and other outdoor elements to play their matches against other students in the program!  Coaches will be walking between courts giving feedback on strategies, scoring, and rules.  This match play will be weather dependent as it is outside - you will receive a call Saturday night if the matches are cancelled for Sunday (the following day). We hope to see you outside for our outdoor tennis season.  

Level: Orange, Green and Yellow
Two teams will play on one court! This is set up like college or high school matches to allow the players to understand the team environment of High School, Middle School, or College team play. Orange ball, green ball, and yellow ball players will rotate playing while their team is cheering them on to do their best! Players are allowed to be cheering in between points. Since the pros will have two teams, one pro will be on a court. At the end of the session, we will have a vote from the kids/pros to see who the best sportsman was throughout the session. Join the Frog Team and enjoy the atmosphere and team competition.
Futures Team Tennis: REGISTER HERE 
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Level: Tactics 2 (age 13 +) and Middle School players
This is a match play designed to prepare players for middle school tennis and/or USTA level 7 tournaments. Players are placed on teams with a strong emphasis on doubles. Some sessions due to enrollment will allow singles play. Players play on full court (78ft) with yellow balls. Players must be a part of the Frog Hollow junior program to participate in match play.

UTR Singles (invitaiton only)
Level: Top 10 UTR players 
Limited to 10 players that have a UTR. The top 10 UTR’s will be allowed to participate and play in the session for 6 weeks. Players play one-hour singles match play weekly. This program is designed to help teach and reinforce strategies learned in Frog Hollow clinics. Players are given a specific strategy that must be integrated into their match play for the week. In order to participate in this program you must be currently enrolled in the Frog Hollow Clinic system.


Players with PlaySight accounts (apply free online HERE) and play on court 3 during match play at Frog Hollow can get a video of their match. The match can be reviewed by parents, players and coaches. A huge developmental tool to help in the player's growth on court!