Kids Club Tennis

Tennis has been revolutionized for kids 10 and under.   Kids will learn quicker and retain more while playing on a size and age appropriate court with equipment that fits them.  With the addition of low compression balls, the bounce and speed is just right to learn the basics of the game.  Kids will also use size appropriate racquets that allow for ease and maximum hitting capabilities.  Kids will serve, rally and score faster.  That translates to actually playing the game and having lots of fun.

Fun Club (ages 3 - 5): REGISTER HERE
This Parent and Child class is the perfect introductory tennis class for youngsters.  It promotes early development of both cognitive and motor skills while performing basic tennis hand/eye coordination games and exercises.  And because you’re on the court too, you’ll be right there to support and celebrate their development all while having lots of fun!

Red 1 (ages 6 - 7):
In this class, children learn through play while having fun on 36’ court with foam balls.  Students will begin to learn the fundamentals of strokes and grips, as well as familiarizing themselves with the court.  Basic rally skills will be developed along with movement, balance, and coordination.  In addition, students will learn basic strategy and scoring.

Breakfast Club (ages 3 - 7):

REGISTER HERE:  Fun Club Breakfast Club
REGISTER HERE: RED 1 Breakfast Club
REGISTER HERE: RED 2 Breakfast Club

All of our Saturday morning Red Court clinics are part of the Breakfast Club! Breakfast Club clinics are just like our other Red court clinics (Fun Club, Red 1 and Red 2) but with extras!  The Breakfast Club includes 1 hour of your regular clinic, plus 30 minutes of hitting with parents and students.  Additionally, the Breakfast Club includes coffee, bagels and muffins and an informative parents meeting each week. Plus, register for breakfast club and you can join the Friday night Play Day match play for FREE!

Red 2 (ages 6 - 7):
This class is played on a 36’ court while using a red felt ball.  Students in this class have completed a minimum of 2 sessions of Red 1 and have the ability to sustain a rally.  In this class there is emphasis on shaping the strokes as well as learning different types of spins.  Students are also encouraged to learn a variety of tennis specific footwork that includes three types of stances to maximize the swing pattern and movement.  The overhead serve is introduced, rally tactics and strategy are learned and directional control of the ball will be emphasized. Players will be introduced to the orange ball.

Match Play & Ladders

All junior players are encouraged to participate in our weekly match play which provides players with singles and/or doubles match experience. Match play offers players the opportunity to put into action what they have learned in clinics and lessons. Match play is a key to player development and enables players to compete against all ability levels.  Frog Hollow offers match play for all levels of players!

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