Please follow the below steps for your upcoming Bux Mont match at Frog Hollow. All players should be paid and registered 48 hours prior to match. Thank you!

Entering and Exiting Frog Hollow on Match Days:
Bux Mont players will enter and exit the club through courts 1-3 on the top side door by from parking lot #1 (this is the lot near the large Frog Hollow sign) and courts 4-6 on lower side door (closer to lower outdoor courts).  The doors will be clearly marked on match day.  We will also leave 3 cans of balls on the deck for courts 1-3 and outside court 4 for courts 4-6.  If you have to use the bathroom you may go into the lobby, but we cannot have anyone congregating there. Only 3 players may use the restroom at one time in order to keep an appropriate distance between players (masks required). 
Please read Frog Hollow's Safety Practices, Guidelines and Rules Here before coming to the club. Thank you!

1) Waiver
(this step is for players NEW to the Frog Hollow database - required one time only for NEW players)
New To Frog Hollow: Click Here Be Added To Our Database & Sign The Waiver

2) Sign up and Pay *recommended option
Individual Registration and Payment

3) If youre team wants to pay in full, all players still need to register below: 
Team Payment Individual Registration 
(if team pays in full, each player must also register individually) 

Click HERE to visit our clinic and team practice registration page.