ages 3 - 4


The perfect introductory tennis class for youngsters. It promotes early development...

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Ages 5 - 7 * Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Drop Shots 1

This program is all about playing, learning and developing skills that will become a player’s foundation...

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ages 6 - 8 * Beginner to Intermediate

Drop Shots 2

This class is played on a 36’ court while using a red felt ball.  Students in this class have... 

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Ages 7 - 10 * Level: Beginner - Intermediate


Aces is the second platform for development of the Frog Hollow tennis player. This clinic …

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Ages 10 - 12 * Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Top Spinners

This clinic is designed for the new and returning tennis player. This is also a transitional...
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Ages 13 - 18 * Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Teen Tennis

Practice with your peers. Coaches will provide elite training in a co-ed environment. Training... 
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2 days per week required participation in the FILA Junior clinic

FILA Junior

This clinic is played on a 60’ court utilizing the orange and green ball. Students will continue...

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ages 13+

High Performance

The philosophy of this program is to teach highly motivated players how to compete. Training will…
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2 Days A Week Required Training (cannot be combined with other FILA clinics)


The philosophy of this program is to teach highly motivated tournament players.  Training will be designed...

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3 days per week minimum required participation in the Fila 3 clinic


Elite training for tournament level players. The goal of the program is to produce nationally ranked juniors and college...

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Footwork Frenzy

Come on out to our Footwork Frenzy! This class is designed to work on a player's footwork and stamina... 

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Match Play

All junior players are encouraged to participate in our match play which provides players with singles and/or doubles match...
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